Friday, March 25, 2011

Soil Test Results and Veggie Update

Greetings All!

I got my soil test results back from the LSU AgCenter earlier in week. It only took about a week!

According to my local Horticulturalist Russel Harris and the information provided by the LSU AgCenter, all I need to add is 1/2 to 3/4lb of elemental sulfur to off set my 'Very High' pH value of 6.93 to get it down to a reasonable value of 6.6-6.7.  Along with adding sulfur, I must also add between 2/3- 1lb of ammonium nitrate to help regulate the 'High' and 'Very High' levels of Phosphorus and Potassium. Fortunately, having higher Phosphorus and Potassium levels is not all that bad.  With this said, I now know what I must add to the soil when I decide to replant my next crop.

If you decide to have your soil tested (which is recommended) just contact you local AgCenter.  If you live in Louisiana the link to each office is:

I just found went my local office, picked up a test kit and brought it back to them.  They did the rest! It was a simple.

As for my garden, it is coming along nice and slow. The tomato and pepper plants are between 4-10 inches off the ground and the cucumber/ squash leaves are on average 5 in L x 2 in W.   I plan to start staking this weekend to give them added stability and be prepared the first sign of FRUIT!

I shall keep you posted! I promise my next post will have Pictures!!!!!


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