Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Completed March Veggie Garden

Greetings All,

This weekend I completed my veggie garden!

Here are a few pictures taken by my photographer and visual production director ;-) Allison!

My La. Roma's are looking rough =(
Coors Light is an essential tool in perfecting the home veggie garden!
  I planted:
1-Tomato's (La. Roma's, Celebrity's, Creole)
2-Cucumbers ( Dasher II's and this local grown strain called St.....?? I forget the name of it)
3-Bell Peppers ( Red/Green/Yellow...I also don't remember the names of each off the top of my head)          4-Summer Squash ( Yellow Sunburst, and Straight Neck Zucchini)        
5-Sweet Basil

It is a small start, but I got to start somewhere.  I did not use direct soil (which kind of worries me) I opted to go the vegetable garden soil route.  Honestly, I wanted to get started and did not want to wait on the soil to be tested from the Louisiana AgCenter.  I might regret that move, but if all my plants die, I can just chalk the whole thing up to a good lesson learned.  I still plan to have the soil I collected tested.  I will send it off possible tomorrow.  The results will give me a good idea of what I need to incorporate in my next planting.
I am also starting my own compost pile.  It will probably be pretty gross!!! but hopefully the stench will pay off in future planting.

Here is a link to the La AgCenter's website.  It has a lot great resources and this particular link is to a pdf for La vegetable planting guide:


I will keep all posted on my progress!



  1. Hey Dude.
    Looking good! I miss me some local creole tomaters!

    I don't enjoy picking out vegetables from grocery stores that all seem to have been supercharged with growth supplements. I remember how good the produce was buying from those guys on the side of the road in Chalmette! ..and if it didn't look good for some reason, then you could just buy one of something random & come back a different time, lol.

    Your garden looks great! I'm sure you and Allison are forming some great memories out there in the backyard. :)

    Oh, and don't worry about the soil too much. We grew up on Chalmette tap water. We've already been exposed to everything.

    Tell Alli-Cat I said Hi,
    Hope to catch up again soon,
    -Nick B.

  2. Hey Brother,

    Thanks for the encouragement as always!

    I totally remember buying produce from Gallo's on St. Bernard Hwy or Judge Perez (can't remember which spot they were located) we bought from all of them!

    As my grandmother use to say if the water doesn't kill you...it makes you stronger (she only drank tap water and lived to her late 80's)

    When you figure it out, please let me know the exact dates your going to be in town. Id like to mark my calender.

    Keep me posted on the job hunt and tell Jamie I said hi!
    Talk to you soon,