Friday, March 4, 2011

PreVegetable Garden and Hunter Safety Class Scheduled

Greetings fellow frontiersmen,

I accomplished a bit since my last post.  On April 8-9th, I will be attending a Louisiana Hunters Safety Coarse.  Here's the link if any out there live in Louisiana and want obtain their hunters licence:

I am looking forward to learning the necessary skills to make me a safe efficient hunter.  Now most of the real hunting skill I will have to gain over the coarse of numerous hunts.  I find the best way to learn anything is to experience it first hand under the guidance of a seasoned vet. I have a few friends that hunt different types of game.  Once I have my license, I hope to accompany them on their trips.

My vegetable garden has been delayed by the New Orleans holiday Mardi Gras.  For those frontiersmen who have never experienced Mardi Gras, it is quite the adventure.  I recommend to take part in the celebration at least once in your life.

Back to the garden. The other day I visited my local Ag Center and picked up soil testing kits.  I am using Dan Gill's "Month by Month..." (basically a Louisiana gardening guide for the year) to start this garden. In the book Dan stress the importance of soil preparation. Soil is sometime lacking in mineral or to rich in others.  It is important to test the soil before planning to ensure your produce not only grows, but more importantly is safe to eat. 

I have a rough plan as to how I am going to set up the garden.  First, I will break up the soil and take the necessary sample amount and ship it off for testing.  Once my results come back, I will be ready to go into bed preparation.:
Step 1) remove all unwanted vegetation and turn soil up will be a raised bed.  I do not have a lot of space, so a raise bed will keep things proportional. 

To Be Continued....


  1. where are you planting this garden where do you live If you live close to the river the soil should be very good silt I always grew tomatoes at Aunt Carol's house and we had an abundance of tomatoes. I wish you welll with you new adventure. Angele

  2. Angele, I setting up the garden at my girl friends house in Lakeview. Her house has more area and is more private. I have been wanting to go this route for sometime. My dad grew up on a farm and when I was little, he shared a few archers of farm land down the road. I have a few pictures of him and I farming there. It is one of the few pictures I have of him post Katrina.

    Thanks for the support. Hopefully I have some success and can let you sample what I grow!