Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1 "Game plan and the Start of my Produce Garden"

Today my journey begins with figuring out what I want learn and taking a first step toward reaching the goal.

Big picture view of the subjects I plan to learn:
    a)Farming b)Medicinal c)Foraging d)Survival  
    a)Skills/Techniques b)Game Knowledge
III. Cooking
    a) Butchery b)Preserving c) Preparing d)storing
IV. Survival Techniques
    a)Shelter b)Fire c) Clothing d) Eating e)Navigation f)Water Purification g)Location ETC....
V. Natural Energy Use
    a) Wind b)Solar c) Water d)Earth
VI.First Aid/Medicine
    a)Bandaging and healing b)Herbal and Man made Medication Practices
VII. Mechanical/ Engineering/ and Architecture
    a)Mechanical Operation/Repair b)design and construction of anything needed.

Today I am starting simple. I have already purchased an above ground vegetable planter I plan to get started on my very first garden.  My dad grew up on a farm when he was little boy and  even shared some land with his uncle and a few friends when I young.  Unfortunately he passed away when I was 12 and never taught me any of his farming practices.  It is always been a dream of mine to follow in his footsteps and I am glad to stay that today is my beginning.

What knowledge I have, I obtained from "Month by Month Gardening in Louisiana...." by Dan Gill, a brief pdf by the LSU school of agriculture.  So to get some hands on knowledge, I made arrangements this afternoon to visit my old roommate and close friend Chef Josh G.

Josh and I have been friends or years and I learned a lot about cooking  and more importantly life from him while we lived together and when I worked under him at a local restaurant.  He has a lot of passion for both cooking and obtaining food, and he  is one of my biggest influence for taking this journey.

Today he promised to give me a tour of his garden. I am super excited! I'll recap tomorrow.


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